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London calling...

 Just got back from Lowes where I was placing my order for carpet on the stairs....finally. Once that's done, the major home renovation projects I've been working on for a few years, will be done. You think I'll be able to live here and just dust and sweep? Probably not but the next project that is going to be done is the master bathroom and that'll require some major down time (and money) so I'm going to hold off for a while and just enjoy the rest of the house.

Besides, I have a super awesome guest bathroom which I've been using quite a bit. Some pictures...
step into my parlor, erm, bathroomCollapse )

From start to finish, it took about four months. Most of the work was done by myself except for the plumbing, installing the shower base and walls. Now I need some guests.

I have  a short break this week before I'll be back in the Pit playing Hello Dolly. Just finished Mame, which was written by the same guy and many of the songs are interchangeable so doing Dolly won't require much in the way of practice. In July I get to play The Producers, which I'm very excited about. It's got a great score and is just a terrific musical. Unfortunately, I'm going to miss the final show (and cast party) because I'll be heading over to Kauai for the family gathering. This time I'll be there for 11 whole days! I'll have my new iPad with me so I can post daily pictures to make y'all jealous.

But really, the most exciting news to report is that I'm planning a trip to England next May. I've a cousin who just moved into a larger place with a guest bedroom so I'll be using her place as base camp. I've begun my list of things I want/need to see and have enlisted gilpin25  and jdbracknell  as tour guides. I hope to be there almost two weeks, unless some Icelandic volcano gets in the way, then it could be more. If you have any suggestions for things to do and see, lay 'em on me.

Well, I have to get on the treadmill now if I hope to be in shape for Kauai.


Food Meme Day Five...Tacos es bueno!

Seeing as how tonight's dinner was way more exciting than last night's PB&J, I'm going to count today as Day 5. Okay? Right.

It's Friday and the weather's fine so I decided to make something that required a little bit of effort (and most of my pots and pans). Besides, I had leftover ground turkey from Pasta night that I needed to use.
Going south of the borderCollapse )
No cooks were injured in the making of this meal.


Just a quickie

Just got home from a long rehearsal and I'm goin' to bed so I'll have to save the Food Meme day, whatever, for tomorrow. I know you don't want to miss out on my PB & J recipe, so make sure to come back!


 Tonight I made one of my favorite pasta dishes which I'll have for lunch and dinner over the next few days until I get tired of it. So let's get started.

That's Italian!Collapse )

Now, I'm off to get more ice. Not sure what's on the menu for tomorrow. I've got a rehearsal so it'll probably be PB&J.


Food meme day three...crazy chicken

The way things are going,  I'm not going to impress anybody with my culinary skills. I had to work late tonight so I dropped by my favorite "fast food" drive through and picked up some El Pollo Loco marinated, grilled chicken. Since I had to share, I got the four piece meal (dark meat) with the traditional Spanish Rice and Beans on the side and flour tortillas.

Take out TuesdayCollapse )

Tomorrow night I'll be cooking my fav pasta dish, so come on by.


 I feel a little ashamed to post this one after seeing hrymfaxe 's spring rolls today, but I think I mentioned that I don't cook often and so without much ado, I give you day two! (Sorry. I still have Seussical on the brain...)

soup and...Collapse )

No cat's helped in the food preparation tonight. They were all napping by the fire or in Frans case, on my light box.

I'm thinking take out tomorrow as I have to work late. Stay tuned!


Food, glorious food...Meme Day One

Just spent a busy two weeks in rehearsals and performances of Seussical with a super talented youth theater group. The weather has been cold and wet with back to back to back to back arctic storms dumping on us poor, unprepared southern Californians. But the sun finally came out saturday and we have a few days to dry out and prepare for the next storm which is due to hit us on Tuesday. The snow in the mountains looks good, though and I need to check my calendar and see about getting some snowboarding in soon.

So I thought I'd give this daily food meme, courtesy of hrymfaxe  & jdbracknell a try. If nothing else, it'll force me to actually eat something different every day for a week.

On tonight's menu (and probably breakfast for the next few days too) is Quiche.

real men don't eat QuicheCollapse )

Join us tomorrow for soup and sandwiches.


What, me post?

Whew! It has been a busy two months! I've been rehearsing for three November concerts with three different groups and played the last one yesterday so I've no more musical obligations until next year! It's a good thing too cause I did something today I've never done before...slammed my finger in my car door! Got it good, too. It's my right index finger, which would have made holding a drumstick a bit tricky. Typing ain't easy either.

I'm not here for sympathy (but I'll take what I can get so go ahead) but to let y'all know that I am alive and well (except for the previously mentioned boo boo) and looking forward to participating in metamorfic_moon 's Christmas event. I hope it won't take me 6 months to finish my piece this time!

When I wasn't rehearsing, I was in my guest bathroom working on a complete redo. Had the tub removed and am installing a shower. I'll post pictures later but I've got most everything done and am just waiting on the people who are going to install the solid surface shower walls. Then I can put up the glass walls and install the shower head and faucet. I'm crossing my fingers that I can get it finished before Dec 19th when my best buddy Steve arrives for his Christmas stay. Otherwise, we'll have to share my shower (He's gay, so no comments from the peanut gallery.)

who's a pretty kitty?Collapse )

Oh yeah...Been watching Star Trek almost non stop since I got the DVD last Tuesday. Listening is more like it, and I did get the digital version to put on my iPod so I can have it on at work.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody and for those of you braving Black Friday, stay away from the stampeding Walmart crowds. Don't want to lose you!


Birthday wishes for Mrs G!

I can't say enough about gilpin25 , but I'll give it my best shot.

The author of some of my favorite (and best) Remus and Tonks (and Chalion) stories.
Amateur Tour Guide to the English countryside.
Rosie's mum.
Exceptional book recommender.
Endlessly supportive. Witty. Smart. Keen fashion sense.

Have a lovely day. I'd like to offer you some art. If you want to pick a favourite scene from the HP books featuring Remus with or/without Tonks, I'll see what I can do to get it done before your next birthday!

Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Jess P!


If it wasn't for your Portal Verse, I would probably have gone postal on JKR for killing Remus and Tonks. So, a big ol' THANK YOU from me and Rowling and best wishes on your milestone of a birthday!

(Just in case you were concerned, I wouldn't really have gone into a murderous rage over fictional characters...really)